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剧情介绍:  Set in an unspecified French village, the locals are shocked when a group of girls skinny dipping in the nearby lake (all very tastefully done I hasten to add) are killed by a group of zombiefied Nazi soldiers, that spring up out of the waters and drag them down to their demise.  A couple of detectives are brought in to try and solve the mysterious murders, only to end up as the zombies next victims. It turns out that during the war, the French resistance ambushed and killed a squad of German soldiers and dumped the bodies into the nearby lake, but failed to take notice of any of the local superstitions (never a wise move). Although, seeing as this film appears to be set in the early 80's, why it's taken so long for them to emerge and start killing people is a bit of a mystery, but there you go.  Not-with-standing, the villagers quickly organise a lynch mob to take down the zombie menace, only to end up being decimated by the undead soldiers, who's 'convincing' zombie make-up basically consists of green paint, which doesn't even cover the whole of the actors faces and keeps washing off in the lake.  There's also a bizarre sub plot about one of the zombies visiting his former daughter, who strangely still looks all of 12 despite the fact she should be in her 40's if she was born near the end of the war, but then since when did logic ever come into these films? Such as why do their uniforms still look almost new despite being underwater for 40 years, or how come the skinny dipping girls are only knee deep in the water when viewed from the lakeside, yet appear to be swimming in 12 feet of it from the underwater shots?  Bad acting, naff zombie make-up (the aforementioned green face paint), painfully obvious underwater shots filmed in a swimming pool, not to mention the plot inconsistencies bigger than the aforementioned lake itself. Low budget doesn't even begin to describe this film, which quite unbelievably was directed by respected Eurohorror director Jean Rollin, albeit under the pseudo name J A Laser.  That's not to say the film isn't without merit. I bust a gut laughing at the thoroughly ridiculous scenes of the zombies attacking the naked young girls, and the equally ridiculous slapstick battle with the angry villagers. Utterly hilarious, grab the six pack and the popcorn and have a blast!  http://www.angelfire.com/darkside/realmofhorror/zombielake.htm
提问时间: 2024-04-25
解答时间: 2024-03-30

剧情介绍:  UCLA college student Jonathan Moore (Anthony Edwards) is playing a game called "Gotcha" (popular on mid-1980s college campuses as "Assassin" or "Tag"), wherein the players are all assigned a mock "hit" on another player by use of a harmless paintball gun. Moore and his apartment roommate Manolo go on a vacation to Paris, France. After touring some of Paris, in a cafe Moore meets Sasha Banicek (Linda Fiorentino), a Czechoslovakian girl. Eventually, Jonathan has intercourse with Sasha, losing his virginity.  Jonathan decides to leave Manolo (who is heading to Spain) and go with Sasha to West Berlin to spend more time with her. Jonathan believes that he is in love with Sasha. There, Jonathan and Sasha continue to have sex and even go to an Oktoberfest beer gathering. One night, Sasha tells Jonathan that she has to go to East Berlin to pick up a package. One night after arriving in East Berlin, Sasha leaves their hotel room and walks to dark street corner. There, Sasha meets a German man who tells her the location of the pickup of her package. Meanwhile, Sasha was being monitored by a Soviet agent, who was sitting in a car at a distance. During the day, Sasha tells Jonathan that if she gives him a certain message, it means that he has to leave East Berlin immediately. At a cafe, Sasha gives Jonathan a package and says that a strudel is inside. A little later, Sasha tells Jonathan to meet her at the butcher shop near their hotel. All of a sudden, a Soviet agent begins to chase after Sasha. Sasha decides to use Jonathan (who is holding her package) to unknowingly get the package over to West Berlin. Meanwhile, Sasha is taken by the Soviet agent and East German secret police.  Jonathan goes to Checkpoint Charlie to cross the heavily fortified border into West Berlin. At the East German customs search, Jonathan is stripped of his clothes and given a cavity search. Meanwhile, Sasha is stripped and searched for possible espionage evidence. Vlad arrives at the border crossing to search for Jonathan, however Jonathan passes the border safely before he can be captured. Once in West Berlin, Jonathan feels liberated by the Westernized society. In the hotel, Jonathan receives a message from Sasha to meet him at a specified location. Jonathan finds out that his hotel room was broken into and robbed of his traveler's checks. Soviet agents eventually find Jonathan in West Berlin and chase him throughout a public park. Jonathan jumps into a water canal and manages to escape from the Soviets and stumbles upon a German rock group headed for Hamburg, who offer him a ride to the airport.  The rock group successfully get Jonathan to the airport (using full-face makeup to sneak him past a checkpoint) and Jonathan finally arrives in Los Angeles Tom Bradley International Airport and to his apartment. Soon, Vlad and a band of Soviet agents arrive too in Los Angeles. Once home, Jonathan stumbles upon a film canister, which was planted by Sasha. Jonathan visits his parents and tells them what happened in Germany but they cannot believe a word of it and think Jonathan is on drugs. Jonathan decides to call the FBI then the Central Intelligence Agency for help. Jonathan returns to find his apartment broken into and looted.  The CIA officer tells Jonathan to give them the photo film canister. At the Los Angeles headquarters of the CIA, Jonathan spots Sasha who looks like she was working there. Jonathan eventually meets up with Sasha. Sasha admits that she is Cheryl Brewster, a CIA agent, originally from Pittsburgh. Out of nowhere, Vlad and his gang begin to chase Jonathan and Cheryl on the UCLA campus. Jonathan eliminates all the Soviets with a tranquilizer gun which he gets from the campus veterinary sciences building. The Soviets are arrested, the CIA agents thank Jonathan for his (indirect) help in obtaining the film, and Sasha tells him she wants to continue their relationship.  After they part, Jonathan talks to a pretty student who rebuffs him coldly. As she walks away, he aims the tranquilizer pistol and shoots her in the rear.
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解答时间: 2024-04-18

剧情介绍:  故事从孟买的小孩Anil(后来的Jimmy)讲起,Jimmy和艺人Raju(Rajesh Khanna扮演)在街头以吉他和鼓为乐器演出。按照印度影片的传统套路,Anil与富家小女孩Rita(丽达)交上了“朋友”,很显然地,这是不能被允许的,在一次约会时被小女孩的父亲Mr. Oberoi撞见,这位父亲理所当然地痛打了Anil和母亲,最终造成了Anil一家的背井离乡…,Anil发誓要报仇,他选择的武器就是---Disco!  若干年后,Sammy(Oberoi的儿子)由于种种原因成为了印度最出名的舞蹈明星,但他胡作非为、生活腐败的本性使得经纪人DavidBrown非常的不满,他开始尝试寻找Sam的替代者。Jimmy(以前的Anil)的机会终于出现了,由于模仿约翰.屈夫塔在Saturday NightFever形象的成功,Jimmy成为Brown的合适人选。Jimmy在夜总会演出自然遭到Sam的嫉恨,他让姐姐Rita去搞破坏,但Rita也被Jimmy的出色演技所折服。  影片在印度获得巨大成功,相对宏大的场面,华丽的服饰,激烈的打斗,甚至一些Disco道具等均在印度甚至亚洲引发了新一轮Disco热潮。Jimmy的扮演者Mithun也是一夜成名!公平的讲,电影中的Disco音乐歌曲(Bappi Lahiri制作)也是它成功的基础,Bappi Lahiri是印度著名的音乐人,除了印度音乐以外,他也改编了一些西方的舞曲音乐,如one way ticket等。因为这部电影,使得Bappi Lahiri在中国获得极大的声誉,他自己说还在中国获得了一个什么音乐方面的金奖。  《吉米,来吧》选自印度电影《迪斯科舞星》听过这首歌的人很多,随着这首曲子劲舞的人更是不计其数,然而知道这首歌出自电影《迪斯科舞星》的人却寥寥无几。这部影片虽不太出名,却是印度电影音乐在进入80年代后与国际流行音乐合流的一个小标志。  西方的一些评论虽然对这部影片评价不高,但也不得不承认它是印度历史上最好的迪斯科影片,某种程度上可以和Saturday Night Fever媲美。  Saturday Night Fever被认为是Disco音乐的开山之作,比吉斯Bee Gees的演唱以及John Travolta的演出为这部影片奠定了历史地位,所以能与这部电影比较,无论是褒或贬,都是一种荣誉。也正是因为Disco Dancer这部电影,使得印度能够在Disco音乐领域有了一席之地。当然,即使是在流行音乐范畴内,Disco音乐似乎也难登大雅之堂,况且Disco Dancer中也直接借鉴了不少欧美舞曲音乐的元素,所以不被西方音乐人士看好也再所难免。尽管如此,Disco音乐爱好者特别是中国的爱好者还是不应该错过。
提问时间: 2024-05-16